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Statistics Notes B.Sc – I Quaid e Azam University & Punjab University

Dear Friends,

After a huge effort, I am very much glad to inform you all that the Statistics notes have been prepared and are uploaded here in this Post. All the notes are uploaded separately and chapter wise. Initially, these notes are prepared according to the syllabus of the University of the Punjab Lahore and Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. These notes will also be helpful for the students of other universities who are following the syllabus of the University of the Punjab, Lahore and Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. Keep in mind the students of statistics must know the definition of the term “Statistics”. So, the term Statistics is used in two different senses and therefore conveys two different meanings. It is sometimes used as a singular number and sometimes used as plural. When used in the plural number, the term Statistics refers to the subject-matter of Statistics, i.e. numerical data or number reflecting count or measurement or estimate of some kind. In common parlance the term statistics is used in this sense synonymously with the term data e.g. we hear “statistic of exports & imports” or “Statistics of prices in Pakistan”. Here the term is used in the plural number and refers to data (or figures) concerning exports & imports and prices”. The other sense in which the term Statistics is used in singular. Used in this sense, it refers to the subject of statistics as a whole. It then denotes a subject that deals with principles and method of handling numerical data.

Statistics Notes B.Sc Part I

I am very much hopeful that you students and teachers will help me in achieving my goal of sharing education across the world by sharing this website with your friends and colleagues. You know, this is the 21st century and is known as the century of Information Technology and almost 80% of the students are searching for the notes on the internet but because of improper keywords they are unable to find out these notes. So keep sharing these notes and remember “If you help someone, Allah will help you”. May Allah succeed you in your exams and your future endeavors. If you have any material which can be helpful for others, the please send it to us by clicking here and we will share it here with your name.  If you want to get our latest posts in your Email Inbox, then don’t forget to submit your Email Address by clicking here. For other stuff, you can also join our Facebook Page and Facebook Group. Thanking you in advance.

Select you desired chapter to view or download notes from the list given below:

Ch # 1 Introduction VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch # 2 Presentation of Data VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch # 3 Measures of Central Tendency or Averages VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch # 4 Measures of Dispersion, Moments and Skewness VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch # 5 Index Numbers VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch # 6 Probability VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch # 7 Random Variables VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch # 8 Discrete Probability Distributions VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch # 9 Continuous Probability Distributions VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch # 10 Simple Regression and Correlation VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch # 11 Multiple Regression and Correlation VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch # 12 Curve Fitting by Least Squares VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch # 13 Time Series Analysis VIEW / DOWNLOAD