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Pak Studies 9th Class Notes New Course FBISE 2016-17 Ch#4 – History of Pakistan (Urdu)

History of Pakistan (Part-I) is the 4th chapter that has been included in the new course of Pakistan Studies 1st part of SSC/Matric. In this chapter the students will learn about Objectives Resolution, Population of East Pakistan, Six Points Formula, Separation of East Pakistan (Bangladesh), Legal framework order, National Language of Pakistan after establishment of Pakistan, Sindh Taas Agreement. Pakistan Studies has been added in the new syllabus of Class 9th by Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad. Students may choose Pakistan Studies either in English or in Urdu Language. In Urdu language it is known as “Mutala e Pakistan”. It is included in the curriculum of FBISE this year for in Secondary School Part-I. It is a a curriculum of academic research and study that encompasses the culture, geography, history and politics of Pakistan. Now a days Several Universities have departments and research centeres that have been dedicated specially for Pakistan Studies. In first part of this new course of Pakistan Studies, students will learn 4 chapters.