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Pak. Studies 2nd Year Notes (English), Ch#1-Genesis of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Dear Students,

In Ch#1-Genesis of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we will study about the Ideology of Pakistan, Islam, Democracy, Social justice, equality and responsibility, Basic Human Rights,  Pakistan – The result of Muslim Struggle, Tehrik-e-Khilafat, Foundation of Muslim League, Ali Garh Tehrik, Pakistan Resolution, Cripps’ Mission, Elections of 1945-46, Cabinet Mission Plan, Simla Conference, Interim Government, 3rd June 1947 Plan, Independence Act 1947 and Emergence of Pakistan. The main objectives of this chapter are to understand and appreciate the spread of Islam as a progressive, social and economic discipline in South Asia. To know about the social and cultural changes brought by Islam with particular emphasis on the contribution of the Ulema. To realize the importance of revival of Islamic Society in the changing world context and Pakistan, being a step towards this revival. To understand the importance of the struggle and appreciate the role of different personalities and people in various provinces. To know about the mass political struggle under the banner of Muslim League.