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Open YouTube and Earn Money by Watching and Sharing Videos

Welcome to Online Office. Today, I am going to share an amazing idea of earning money online with sharing and watching videos. Before talking about the procedure of earning money from TubePaki, firs we will talk about some important qualities of that Website.


YouTube has been blocked in many countries including Pakistan. The importance of YouTube cannot be ignored today as it is being used by the people of different fields around the world.

Keeping in view, the importance of YouTube, we have launched a Website (, having all the videos that have been shared on YouTube. Not only this but every time a video uploaded on YouTube, it became a part of TubePaki . Hence whenever you search any YouTube link on TubePaki , you will find it easily. In other words, you can say that TubePaki  is the Pakistani version of YouTube.

How Can You Earn Money by Sharing your Favourite Videos

More then two million videos a day are being watched on YouTube alone. Can you ever imagine how much traffic that is? In short, Video on demand is the trend of the hour and its predicted to get even bigger over the next few years. Now, it would be great if you can earn money by sharing and watching videos. The good news for you people is that after a very hard work, we created and launched a Website titled TubePaki . From this website you can not only watch / download all YouTube Videos but you can also earn an handsome amount of money every day. Some of the most important features of TubePaki  are as below:

  1. TubePaki is not only a platform of opening all blocked YouTube videos but is also a platform of earning a handsome amount every day.
  2. TubePaki offers you their membership free of cost.
  3. You can even increase your earning upto 20% by referring people to TubePaki.
  4. After membership, TubePaki pays you for every view of the video that has been watched by the link shared with your referral link.
  5. Everyday, millions of new videos became part of TubePaki .

I hope you like this topic. Our next article is “How to Create Account on TubePaki  to Earn Money“.