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National Testing Services (NTS) is a well known testing organization, providing testing services in Pakistan since 2002. Initially they offered two main kinds of test i.e. National Aptitude Test (NAT) and GAT (Graduate Assessment Test). Nowadays they are also conducting tests for the recruitment of civilians in different Government and Semi Government Organizations. The NTS (National Testing Services) organization was first announced in 2002 with regards to admission in Universities and claimed it to be a non-profit organization. Since then NTS (National Testing Services) earned billion of Rupees from the students as a test fee. It has been exposed that NTS was established as a testing service organization under COMSATS but is working separately now. It is also noted that some Government Officers are involved in it and are earning a huge amount of money through it.

NTS (National Testing Services) Murder of Merit


Though it was developed with the aim of ensuring quality educational standards in Pakistan but for the last few years NTS is conducting testing services of different posts of Government organizations.Remember, HEC stated in their statement that NTS is not an officially approved testing service. The NTS is nowadays under severe criticism by the General Public. Some of the main points due to which NTS is criticized are as below:

Quality of Testing

The quality of examination is 3rd class standard and irrelevant curriculum due to which the educated students of leading universities of Pakistan are unable to attempt the papers of their relevant fields. The idea of their testing standard can be judged from the following points:

  1. Students appeared in admission test for M.Phil (Islamiyat) were asked to attempt questions related to Mathematics and Chemistry.
  2. Similarly, Students appeared in admission test for M.Phil (Chemistry) were asked 70% of the questions related to Computer, English and Physics.
  3. NTS did not consider the requirement of a particular post in particular organization. They used to ask irrelevant questions e.g. candidates were asked about the codes of the service book that what is written on a certain place in a certain field and for the purpose which color of ink is used. The students have been asked such kind of other irrelevant questions in the examination. As a result, the candidates have no option other then guessing the answers of the questions. These kind of irrelevant questions are not only of low standard but on many occasions, organization faced a lot of difficulties while asking the selected candidate for performing his / her duties related to his job.
  4. If accidentally, NTS prepared a paper according to the subject then they will not follow the post qualification, e.g. a student applied for the post, where Middle is the required qualification, NTS will prepare a paper which will be prepared according to Graduation level. Similarly, Graduation level tests will be prepared on PHD level basis.
  5. Recently, NTS prepared a question paper for a post of an Arabic teacher. One of the question in the paper was, “what part of human body consists high amount of iron”? Is it make any sense of asking such questions from an Arabic Teacher?
  6. In NTS Tests, it has been noted several times that many candidates who failed in the tests of BPS-9 were succeeded in the examination of BPS-17. Is it not enough for NTS Test credibility.
  7. Almost every NTS exams consists some questions relates to Analytical reasoning, Mathematics ans Statistics which are time consuming due to which the time allowed by NTS is very short.

Murder of Merit and Poors

  1. NTS claimed that it is a non-profitable organization but amazingly they earned millions of Rupees every year from the time since it was established in 2002. on contrary, they generate a lot of revenue from the tests they are conducting. They charged Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1,500/- per candidate according to the post.
  2. NTS is not only the murder of the merit but is also a murder of the poor and needy people because they do not afford such high fees and as a result they cannot appear in the examination.
  3. NTS Test centers are mostly located in far flung areas which also create difficulties for the candidates to reach.
  4. On the Roll Numbers Slips, they stated that “Mobiles are not allowed in the test center”. NTS knows that today, it is not possible to travel for any candidate without Mobile Phone. Most of the candidates came from far flung areas for appearing in the tests so they have to inform their family about there safety and health. NTS also generates a lot of money from candidates by collecting their Mobile Phones @ Rs. 5o/- to Rs. 100/- per Mobile Phone.
  5. Moreover, people are now raising their fingers on credibility of the fairness of NTS results.
  6. After conducting Papers, NTS announced the result silently on their website without informing the candidates. In many cases, candidates passed their NTS Test but are not informed due to which they were unable to appeared in the interview.


The above points have been observed on personal as well as the experience of my fellow citizens of Pakistan. It is now a voice of all the Pakistani citizens to Ban NTS for their poor performance and 3rd quality tests. From the above discussion, I have a question if our Universities produce toppers then why are they not able to attempt the NTS exams? Are they 3rd class Universities? The Answer is definitely “NO”, because we know our Universities are among the top class universities in the world.