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Math Notes / Tutorials Class 9th/SSC-I FBISE in PDF Format

Dear Students, Teachers and Parents,

Assalam o Alaikum,

A lot of students of different classes i.e. (SSC, HSSC and Graduation) contacted me through Email, SMS and Telephone calls. Most of them were truly in search Math Notes for their respective classes and requested me to upload them on my website. Though it was a huge and really a tough job to prepare and scan Math notes of more then 80 exercises. Alhamdulillah, with the grace of Almighty Allah, I can proudly say that I have completed the task and am going to upload notes on Mathematics in PDF Format for all of you in our Education Section. I am truly sorry for keep you waiting in bringing such notes but it was really a huge and difficult task. Thanks to the Almighty Allah that I have finally done it. Preparation of more then 80 Exercises of Mathematics is not an easy task because it have many steps i.e. Preparation of Notes, Scanning of Notes, Merging them Exercise Wise, Marking Page Numbers and then uploading them on the website.

 Select you desired Chapter to Read our notes online or Download from our website. You can leave your suggestions by commenting below or by leaving a message here.

Ch#1 Matrices and Determinants View / Download
Ch#2 Real and Complex Numbers View / Download
Ch#3 Logarithms View / Download
Ch#4 Algebraic Expressions and Formulas View / Download
Ch#5 Factorization View / Download
Ch#6 Algebraic Manipulation View / Download
Ch#7 Linear Equations and Inequalities View / Download
Ch#8 Linear Graphs & their Application View / Download
Ch#9 Introduction to coordinate geometry View / Download
Ch#10 Congruent Triangles View / Download
Ch#11 Parallelograms and Triangles View / Download
Ch#12 Line bisectors and Angle bisectors View / Download
Ch#13 Sides and angles of a triangle View / Download
Ch#14 Ratio and Proportion View / Download
Ch#15 Pythagoras Theorem View / Download
Ch#16 Theorems related with area View / Download
Ch#17 Practical Geometry Triangles View / Download