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Learn to Create your Local Youtube

If you have a lot of PCs or more then one PC on a network and you want to share you video files / movies with all the PC’s then you can do it now with the help of “InnerTube”. You can also state this statement a movie / video file available on a system can also be watched on other PC’s or laptops of the entire network. In other words, you can create your Own “YouTube” on the network. InnerTube has a web interface, so the videos can be seen on the webserver with a URL just like the one given below:

The special thing in this is that you can also include the videos available on your Dropbox for streaming purpose. In this way, you can create you fewer GB Local YouTube.

To create, Local YouTube, you need to have the following two Softwares.

  1. InnerTube Application
  2. DivXPlayer

Both of these two softwares can be installed from the Download buttons given below:

Download InnerTube Download DivXPlayer

Learn to Create your Local Youtube