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Identification on the Map – Pakistan Studies 9th IX Notes FBISE New Course in English

Dear Students, Respectable Teachers and Parents,

In this section the students will learn the map identification process. In this topic the students will identify and name the neighboring countries, provinces, passes, mountain ranges, dams, deserts and seas. This topic will really help the 9th SSC-I class students in getting good score in their exams. Identification on the maps is an interesting topic but the students will need a little effort to find the location of different countries, provinces, passes, mountain ranges, deserts, dams and the seas. Once the students able to identify these locations, they will be able to read the maps in an easy way. In order to keep updated with our latest notes, posts and updates, don’t forget to join our free Email Newsletter by clicking here. Furthermore, join our Facebook Group and Facebook Page for latest updates and interesting stuff in the near future.