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How to remove Folder Virus from Computer / Laptop / PC without any Software?

Dear Friends,
Welcome to our Office. A largest hub of a lot of things, including Video Lectures, Video Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, Notes and too many other things which help you a lot in increasing your Skills. Today I have brought a very special and a very useful trick and tip for all of you. Yes, a very useful tip 🙂 . A lot of people around the world have been teased by the viruses, specially from the Shortcut Virus. This virus is nowadays spread all over the world, when we search over the internet, we came to know that everyone is complaining regarding the same problem and asking for help regarding the removal of such kind of viruses from their computer. My today’s tutorial is regarding the same topic in Urdu language. I hope the below mentioned points will really help you in improving your PC performance and you will be in peace after removing those sticky viruses. So here we go…..

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