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How to Open Youtube in Pakistan without any Proxy Software

Dear Users,
One of your female visitor ask us a question regarding the method of opening youtube in Pakistan. As it is Banned by PTA , but still there are many Proxy softwares that are available in the market, which let you allow to open Youtube but they are too risky to use because these kind of proxy softwares read your personal data and there are too many chances that of stolen of your important personal data.
Due to the above facts, my this tutorial belongs to the method of opening Youtube in Pakistan without any Proxy Server. I hope after following this trick, you will be able to open youtube in Pakistan without the help of any proxy server and with a high Speed as well.
How to Open Youtube in Pakistan without any Proxy Software
Before going to the process you must have the following things in your computer.
  1. Internet
  2. Google Chrome Browser
To open Youtube in Pakistan, you just need to follow the following steps:
  • Open Google Chrome Browser
  • Now Go to Settings from the top right side (just underneath the close button) of the chrome browser.
  • Click Settings
  • Click Extensions
  • Click Get More Extensions
  • Now Search “Hola Better Internet”
  • Don’t forget to change your country from “Pakistan” to “Hongkong / America” or other country but not Pakistan.
  • Click Free and let it install
  • Now Search “HTTPS Everywhere”
  • Click Free and let it install
  • Now restart your browser and Open Youtube.
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