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Hidden secrets about Firoón revealed by French Scientists

French scientist and member of French Society of Egyptology Prof. Maurice Bucaille acknowledged the truth of Quran about Firo’on, the ancient ruler of Egypt. He acknowledges that Quran is the wording of God. The reason behind the acknowledgement is the research on the mummy of Firo’on which he did in Archaeology Centre of France along with archaeologists and anatomical scientists. Professor along with his team revealed the facts about destiny of mummy and embalming done to it.

The detailed news about Firo’n and his followers is highlighted in both the Bible and Torah but those holy books don’t reveal the whole picture. This is the reason why, the Christians and Jews believe on the natural death of Firo’on, while Muslims believe that he was drowned in the ocean along with his army when he chased Hazrat Mosa (A.S) and his companions. The Muslims back this argument through Holly Quran which revealed how Firo’on died and how his body survived. This is the main contradiction between Quran and others sacred books on death reasons of Firo’on. But now the scientists acknowledge the truth of Quran after examining the mummy in laboratory.

The mummy of Pharaoh was buried in the hidden temple of Kings Valley and it was discovered by the archaeologist along with other mummies of ancient Egyptian rulers. On the request of French government, the mummy was brought to France in 1981 where it received guard of honor from French army.

In laboratory the team of archaeologists and scientists led by Professor Maurice Bucaille examined the body of Pharaoh thoroughly and after restoring the mummy, he finalized he report by stating that the remaining salt on the mummy proves that Pharaoh was drowned by ocean.

The curiosity to know the destiny of Pharaoh’s body, Prof. Maurice flew to Egypt where a Muslim scientist narrated the verses of Quran about the death of Pharaoh and how the body survived a long period of time. The Prof. Maurice was surprised to know it what he discovered in the laboratory, it was already mentioned in Quran.

The next moment he stood up and embraced Islam in front of crowd by stating that whatever written in the Holly Quran is hundred percent true and modern sciences is linked deeply with Quran. He wrote a very famous book with the name of The Bible, The Quran and Science which opens new horizons to the world in science.