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Handwriting Tool for Mobile Phone

If you are an android user then you will be looking forward for an application that converts handwriting text to computerized text because handwriting on android phone is much easier then typing because of its size. Good news for those people is that Google has introduced such an application titled “Google Handwriting Input”. Google Handwriting Input allows you to hand write text on your android device (Phone or Tablet). Now, if you are thinking that your handwriting is not good then you don’t need to be worry. You must download this application because Google claimed that this tool is specialized in reading worsened handwriting.

Another good thing about this tool is that it is available in the form of application and is available absolutely free. If you unlike the application you can simply uninstall it from your device. After downloading and installing the application from Google Play Store just activate it and write anywhere you want with the help of your fingers.

Keeping in view the users requirement, Google prepared this application with many features. First, this application has ability to read worsened handwriting, Secondly it provides space after writing a word so that a user can write another word and so on. In this way a user can type a complete sentence.

Once the application is activated on your android smart phone, whenever you want to write something a selection of keyboard will be appeared on top of the screen. From the selection you can choose your preferred method i.e. “Google Handwriting Input” or any other keyboard you want. This application supports 87 Languages including English, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and Persian. Many more languages will be added by the Google in the near future.

To download this application from PC click the link below: