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FSc Pre-Engineering Part-1 Chemistry Notes Download PDF 2016-17 New Course FBISE Ch#6-State of Matter II (Solids)

In sixth chapter (Ch#6-States of Matter (Solids)), the students will learn about describe simple properties of solids e.g. diffusion, compression, expansion, motion of molecules, intermolecular forces and kinetic energy with reference to kinetic molecular theory, distinguish between crystalline and amorphous solid, differentiate between isomorphism and polymorphism, relate polymorphism with allotropy, transition temperature with examples, different properties of crystalline solids e.g. symmetry, melting point, anisotropy, cleavage plane, crystal growth, geometrical shape and habit of crystals, definition of unit cell and lattice energy, explanation of energy changes in the formation of sodium chloride crystal lattice, differentiate among different types of crystalline solids (ionic, molecular, metallic and covalent), examples of crystalline and amorphous solids along with their uses in daily life.