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Free Download Notes on Mathematics Class 10th / SSC – Part 2 / Matric (Video Lectures)

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Chapter 1: Quadratic Equations Chapter 2: Theory of Quadratic Equations
1.1: Quadratic Equations (2 videos) 2.1: Nature of the Roots of a Quadratic Equa (9 videos)
1.2: Solution of Quadratic Equations (5 videos) 2.2: Cube Roots of Unity and Their Propertie (7 videos)
1.3: Quadratic Formula (5 videos) 2.3: Roots and Co-Efficients of a Quadratic (9 videos)
1.4: Equations Reducible to Quadratic Form (6 videos) 2.4: Symmetric Functions of the Roots of a Q (3 videos)
1.5: Radical Equations (4 videos) 2.5: Formation of a Quadratic Equation (3 videos)
Chapter 3: Variations Chapter 4: Partial Fractions
3.1: Ratio, Proportion and Variations (21 videos) 4.1: Fraction (1 videos)
3.2: Theorems on Proportions (11 videos) 4.2: Resoluton of Fraction Into Partial Frac (7 videos)
3.3: Joint Variation (3 videos)
3.4: K-Method (6 videos)
Chapter 5: Sets and Functions Chapter 6: Basic Statistics
5.1: Sets (97 videos) 6.1: Frequency Distribution (33 videos)
5.2: Binary Relation (4 videos) 6.2: Cumulative Frequency Distribution (4 videos)
5.3: Function or Mapping (13 videos) 6.3: Measures of Central Tendency (43 videos)
6.4: Meassures of Dispersion (25 videos)
Chapter 7: Introduction to Trigonometry Chapter 8: Projection of a Side of a Triangle
7.1: Measurement of an Angle (5 videos) 8.1: Demonstrative Geometry (3 videos)
7.2: Sector of a Circle (4 videos)
7.3: Trigonometric Ratios (16 videos)
7.4: Trigonometric Identities (7 videos)
7.5: Angle of Elevation and Angle of Depress (12 videos)
Chapter 9: Chords of a Circle Chapter 10: Tangent to a Circle
9.1: Basic Concepts Of The Circle (12 videos) 10.1: Theorems on Tangent to a Circle (9 videos)
9.2: Theorems on Circles (10 videos)
Chapter 11: Chords and Arcs Chapter 12: Angle in a Segment of a Circle
11.1: Theorems on Chords and Arcs (4 videos) 12.1: Theorems on Angle in a Segment of a Cir (6 videos)
Chapter 13: Practical Geometry- Circles
13.1: Construction of a Circle (7 videos)
13.2: Circles Attached to Polygons (9 videos)
13.3: Tangent to the Circle (11 videos)

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