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Dear Students,
Urdu is a compulsory subject for F.Sc / F.A / ICS and I.Com students. In this post, complete notes on Urdu Compulsory have been uploaded. These notes can be downloaded without any cost from our website. These notes have been prepared according to the current syllabus of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad. Urdu for class 2nd Year F.Sc has been distributed in three Sections. The 1st Section is Hisssa Nasar, 2nd is Hissa Ghazal and the final Section is Hissa Nazam. We have also uploaded the notes on other subjects for F.Sc 2nd Year and can be downloaded from our “Education” Section. These notes are prepared and uploaded after a huge demand of the Students of Federal and Pindi Board. These notes are equally helpful for our respectable teachers who are offering their services in different Government and Private Institutions as well as for the students who want to get a very good percentage in their examinations. The notes uploaded here are distributed in Chapters for the ease of Students. According to the syllabus of Federal Board, the main objectives of the subject Urdu Compulsory 2nd Year F.Sc are:

The students should be able to know that:

  • Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and is a source of communication among different provinces of Pakistan;
  • Urdu is spoken and understood in Pakistan as well as in some other countries;
  • give equal emphasis on reading and writing specific texts in other areas (especially scientific and technological areas);
  • enable the students to become a responsible, confident and patriot towards the Ideology of Pakistan.

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Urdu Notes 2nd Year

Select your desired chapter to view / download it from the links given below:

حصہ نثر


VIEW / DOWNLOAD Hijrat e Madina
ہجرت مدینہ
Lesson # 1
سبق نمبر ۱
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Zaheer ud Din Babar
ظہیر الدین بابر 
Lesson # 2
سبق نمبر ۲
VIEW / DOWNLOAD  Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai
شاہ عبداللطیف بھٹائی
Lesson # 3
سبق نمبر ۳
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Science ka Irteqa
سائنس کا ارتقاء 
Lesson # 4
سبق نمبر ۴


VIEW / DOWNLOAD Kaleem or Mirza Zahirdar Baig
کلیم اور مرزا ظاہر دار بیگ
Lesson # 5
سبق نمبر ۵
Lesson # 6
سبق نمبر ۶


Lesson # 7
سبق نمبر ۷
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Apna Apna Raag
اپنا اپنا راگ
Lesson # 8
سبق نمبر ۸


VIEW / DOWNLOAD  San Francisco
سان فرانسسکو
Lesson # 9
سبق نمبر ۹
VIEW / DOWNLOAD  Waadi e Hunza Ka Chiraaghan
وادی ہنزہ کا چراغاں
Lesson # 10
سبق نمبر ۱۰

سوانح / شخصیت

VIEW / DOWNLOAD  Aik Wasiyat Ke Taameel
ایک وصیت کی تعمیل
 Lesson # 11
سبق نمبر ۱۱
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Molana Zafar Ali Khan
مولانا ظفر علی خان 
 Lesson # 12
سبق نمبر ۱۲
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Molvi Abdul Haq
مولوی عبدالحق 
 Lesson # 13
سبق نمبر ۱۳
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Sir Iqbal Marhoom
سر اقبال مرحوم 
 Lesson # 14
سبق نمبر ۱۴

حصہ غزل 

VIEW / DOWNLOAD  Khumistan e Azal ka Saaqi
خمسان ازل کا ساقی
 Lesson # 15
سبق نمبر۵ ۱
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Ya Ayyuhal Muzammil
یا ایھالمزمل
 Lesson # 16
سبق نمبر۶ ۱

 غزلیات خواجہ میر درد

VIEW / DOWNLOAD   Ghazal # 1
غزل نمبر ۱
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Ghazal # 2
غزل نمبر ۲

 غزلیات غلام ہمدانی مصحفی

VIEW / DOWNLOAD   Ghazal # 1
غزل نمبر ۱
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Ghazal # 2
غزل نمبر ۲

 غزلیات میرزا اسداللہ خان غالب

VIEW / DOWNLOAD   Ghazal # 1
غزل نمبر ۱
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Ghazal # 2
غزل نمبر ۲

 غزلیات علامہ محمد اقبال

VIEW / DOWNLOAD   Ghazal # 1
غزل نمبر ۱
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Ghazal # 2
غزل نمبر ۲

 غزلیات ناصر کاظمی

VIEW / DOWNLOAD   Ghazal # 1
غزل نمبر ۱
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Ghazal # 2
غزل نمبر ۲

غزلیات فراق گورکھپوری

VIEW / DOWNLOAD   Ghazal # 1
غزل نمبر ۱
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Ghazal # 2
غزل نمبر ۲

 غزلیات تابش دہلوی

VIEW / DOWNLOAD   Ghazal # 1
غزل نمبر ۱
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Ghazal # 2
غزل نمبر ۲

حصہ نظم

عرض حال
 Nazam # 1
نظم نمبر ۱
VIEW / DOWNLOAD London mai Uqad
لندن میں عقد
Nazam # 2
نظم نمبر ۲
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Farzi Lateefa
فرضی لطیفہ
Nazam # 3
نظم نمبر ۳
Nazam # 4
نظم نمبر ۴
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Raat or Rail
رات اور ریل
Nazam # 5
نظم نمبر ۵
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Sura e Rehman
سورۃ رحمٰن
Nazam # 6
نظم نمبر ۶
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Hari Bhari Faslo
ہری بھری فصلو
Nazam # 7
نظم نمبر ۷
کرسی نامہ
Nazam # 8
نظم نمبر ۸
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Ay Naseem e Bahisht
اے نسیم بہشت
Nazam # 9
نظم نمبر ۹
Nazam # 10
نظم نمبر ۱۰
VIEW / DOWNLOAD Rail ka Safar
ریل کا سفر
Nazam # 11
نظم نمبر ۱۱

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