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FA/FSc/ICS/ICOM Part 2 Pakistan Studies Notes PDF Ch#8 – National Integration and Prosperity

Dear Students,

National Integration and Prosperity (Qomi Yak jehti or Khush Haali) is the 8th Chapter in Pakistan Studies new course for FA/F.Sc/ICS/ICOM Students. This course was recently revised by Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad (FBISE). The Eighth chapter (National Integration and Prosperityقومی یکجہتی اور خوشحالی ) has the following objectives. To create awareness about national and integration and cohesion. To develop understanding about the importance of integration and cohesion in an Islamic Society. To create awareness about the problems in the way of national integration cohesion in Pakistan and remedial measures. In this chapter the students will learn about the meaning of national integration and cohesion, Significance in an Islamic Democratic State, Problems in the way to national cohesion and integration in Pakistan and Remedial measures.