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F.Sc 2nd Year Chemistry Notes Pindi Board in PDF

Dear Students,
In this section I have uploaded Chemistry Notes for F.Sc – II i.e. 2nd Year Students. All the chapters have been uploaded here in this section after having a great demand from our beloved students and respectable teachers of different boards of Pakistan including Federal Board, Pindi Board, Punjab board and other boards following the syllabus of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad. Chemistry is a compulsory subject for the students of Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical Students. All the notes uploaded here have been distributed in chapters. These notes are prepared in an easy way and will really be helpful for students to learn as well as for the teachers in strengthening their teaching concepts. Don’t forget to refer our website to your friends if the notes we have shared helped you. Just believe on a beautiful quote that “those who help others will be helped by the Almighty Allah”. We are hopeful that you will definitely share our website on your Facebook Profile as well as with your friends.

chemistry notes fsc ii

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Chapter # 1 Periodic Classification of Elements & Periodicity VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 2 S-Block Elements VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 3 Group IIIA & Group IVA Elements VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 4 Group VA & Group VIA Elements VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 5 The Halogens & The Noble Gases VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 6 Transition Elements VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 7 Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 8 Aliphatic Hydrocarbons VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 9 Aromatic Hydrocarbons VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 10 Alkyl Halides VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 11 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 12 Aldehydes and Ketones VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 13 Carboxylic Acids VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 14 Macromolecules VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 15 Common Chemical Industries in Pakistan VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 16 Environmental Chemistry VIEW / DOWNLOAD