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In this article, I am going to tell you the procedure of Earning Money Online from Youtube Videos. 99% of the internet users used to watch videos online on Youtube but there is a very less percentage of people who know that they can earn money from their Youtube Videos. So, If you don’t know, how to earn money from Youtube then today, In this lecture, I will tell you about the method of earning money from Youtube Videos. To do so, just follow the following steps. If you still have any confusion or you are unable to follow the rules, just Contact Us, we will give you a reply with in a period of not more then 72 hours.
  1. First of all, create your new Gmail account with correct information.
  2. Now Signin to Youtube with this new Gmail account you have just created.
  3. Now Go to Settings and then select Show Advanced Settings.
  4. Go to Channel Settings and Click Enable Monitization.
  5. Now a new popup window will be opened where you will see Enable Monitization in Blue Color.
  6. You will see few lines in this new Popup window with check boxes. You must check all the boxes and then click Got it.
  7. Now once again open your Youtube Settings and click Monitize Settings.
  8. Now click “How I will paid
  9. Now click “Associated with Adsense Account“.
  10. In a newly opened window, Sign in to your Gmail Account you have just created.
  11. Google Adsense Form will be opened now.
  12. Just fill it with all the correct information.
  13. Don’t forget to put your PTCL number.
  14. If you don’t have PTCL at your home, put your friend’s PTCL number or the one you are using in your office.
  15. After filling the form, just click Send.
  16. Within one hour to 3 days time, you will get an E-Mail from Google in your Gmail Account informing you that your Google Adsense Account has been approved.
  17. Now, whenever you upload any video to Youtube, the advertisement will automatically be shown on your video.
  18. By using the above method, whenever anyone watch your video, you will be paid by Google.
Note: After completing the above method, don’t forget to share your videos on Social Media, so that you can earn much more.

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