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Download Physics MCQs Class 10th / Matric / SSC-II, FBISE 2016-17 Ch#18-Radioactivity

Dear Students,

In Ch#18-Radioactivity, we will study about the Rutherford’s nuclear model, describe the composition of the nucleus of an atom in terms of protons and neutrons, explain that the number of protons in a nucleus distinguishes one element from the other, show various nuclides by using the symbol of proton number Z, nucleon number A and the nuclide notation X, explain that some nuclei are unstable, describe the three types of radiation (α, β & γ), state, for radioactive emissions, their nature, their relative ionizing effects, their relative penetrating abilities, explain that an element may change into another element when radioactivity occurs, show changes in the composition of the nucleus by symbolic equations when alpha or beta particles are emitted, describe that radioactive emissions occur randomly over space and time, show an awareness of the existence of background radiation and its sources, Half Life, explain the meaning of half life of a radioactive material, calculate the half life and draw its graph, Radio Isotopes, describe radio isotopes and their uses, describe the process of carbon dating to estimate the age of ancient objects, Fission and Fusion, describe the processes of fission and fusion, Hazards of Radioactivity and Safety Measures and describe hazards of radioactive materials. You can view / download the MCQs against this chapter below: