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Download FBISE Islamiyat 9th Class Notes Session 2016-17 New Course, Sura e Anfal (Aayat#49-58)

Dear Students,

On completion of this curriculum at SSC level, the students should be able to show an awareness of the importance of faith and should uphold their faith above all else. Express love and grandeur of Allah with a real sense of feeling through their words and deeds. Consider the love and respect for the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) as the quintessence of their faith. They should take pride in following the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and manifest the same through their words and deeds. They should have belief in the perfection, universality and finality of Islam. They should consider that as the last and final message of Allah, the Qur’ān endorses other revealed books. With hope and ambition in their hearts that their faith is all powerful at the universal level they should begin intellectual and practical struggle for the same. They should read, translate and give a brief interpretation of some parts of the Qur’ān and selected Ahadith. Recognise that worship of Allah (‘ibadat) is their aim of life, attaining his blessings is their prime objective and to be punctual in following the pillars of Islam. Draw inspirations from the Seerat-e-Rasul (S.A.W.W) for the success and welfare in this world and the Hereafter. Demonstrate an awareness of the glorious past of the Muslim Ummah, having appropriate knowledge of their ancestors’ educational, spiritual and military achievements. Study about good morals and attitudes and present themselves as a good model by putting these into practice. In this chapter we will study aayat#49-58 of Sura e Anfaal.