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Download F.Sc Pre-Engineering – I Chemistry Notes (New Course) for Class XI – First Year

Dear Students and Respectable Parents / Teachers,

In this post I am going to upload Chemistry notes for First Year XI F.Sc Pre-Engineering / Pre-Medical Students. Chemistry is a compulsory subject for the students who choose Premedical or Pre-Engineering subjects. Other subjects include in this group are Physics and Biology (for premedical) / Math (for pre-engineering). The two-year study of chemistry aims to develop in all students, a scientific understanding of the physical world. Cognitive, affective, and psychomotor abilities appropriate to the acquisition and use of chemical knowledge, understanding, attitude, and skills. An appreciation for the products and influences of science and technology, balanced by a concern for their appropriate application. An understanding of the nature and limitations of scientific activity. An ability to apply the understanding of chemistry to relevant problems (including those from everyday real-life) and to approach those problems in rational ways Respect for evidence, rationality and intellectual honesty. The capacities to express themselves coherently and logically, both orally and in writing and to use appropriate modes of communication characteristic of scientific work. The ability to work effectively with others.

Chemistry Notes F.Sc - I

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In the 1st part of Intermediate, students will learn the following chapters.

Ch#01 Stoichiometry VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#02 Atomic Structure VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#03 Theories of Covalent Bonding and Shapes of Molecules VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#04 State of Matter (Gases) VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#05 State of Matter II (Liquids) VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#06 Sates of Matter III (Solids) VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#07 Chemical Equilibrium VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#08 Acids, Bases and Salts VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#09 Chemical Kinetics VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#10 Solutions and Colloids VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#11 Thermochemistry VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#12 Electrochemistry VIEW/DOWNLOAD