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Download Computer Science ICS-I Notes FBISE 2016-17

Dear Students,

The main objectives of introducing Computer Science in Intermediate part-I / Higher Secondary Level are to understand the basic concepts, theories, principles and laws of Computer Science and their application in daily life, develop mathematical manipulation skills for designing and writing different computer programmes using Computer language, understand and appreciate the role of Information Technology in socio-economic and cultural development of society, develop skills for using and promoting internet techniques and provide sound but solid basis for further studies in the discipline of Computer Science and Information Technology. We know, it is difficult for the students of our country as well the Pakistani students who are studying abroad for getting high standard notes. In order to minimize your difficulty we are going to upload Computer Science notes according to the new syllabus of Federal Board Islamabad here in this Section. You can download these notes from this section free of cost.

We are fully hopeful that after learning from these notes you will score 90% plus marks in your exams as they have been prepared in a very simple, easy, brief and in simple and lucid language to understand. The purpose of sharing these notes in pdf format is to promote education in Pakistan and to help those students who really want to learn something.

Finally, I request you all to share this website with your friends, colleagues and teachers in order to achieve our target of spreading knowledge and best quality notes in Pakistan. I hope you will help us in this regard and promote our website all over the world. We will bring much more for you in the near future In Sha Allah.

Computer Science Notes ICS-I

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Chapter # 01 Basics of Information Technology View / Download
Chapter # 02 Information Networks View / Download
Chapter # 03 Data Communication View / Download
Chapter # 04 Applications and Uses of Computers View / Download
Chapter # 05 Computer Architecture View / Download
Chapter # 06 Security, Copyright and the Law View / Download
Chapter # 07 Windows Operating System View / Download
Chapter # 08 Word Processing View / Download
Chapter # 09 Spreadsheet Software View / Download
Chapter # 10 Fundamentals of Internet View / Download
Chapter # 11 Miscellaneous Topics for FBISE View / Download
Chapter # 12 Practical View / Download

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