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Download Class 10th / Matric /SSC Physics Review Questions / Notes, Ch#14 – Current Electricity

Dear Students,

In Ch#14-Current Electricity, we will study about the electric current, describe the concept of conventional current, Potential Difference and e.m.f, investigate the potential difference across a circuit component and mention its unit, Ohm’s Law, describe Ohm’s law and its limitations, Resistance (Series and Parallel Combinations), define resistance and its unit, calculate the effective resistance of a number of resistances connected in series and also in parallel, describe the factors affecting the resistances of a metallic conductor, distinguish between conductors and insulators, The I-V Characteristics for Ohmic and Non-Ohmic Conductors, draw and interpret the I-V characteristics graph for a metallic conductor, a filament lamp and a thermistor, Electrical Power and Joule’s Law, describe that energy is dissipated in a resistance and explain Joule’s law, apply the equation E=IVt = I2Rt = V 2 t/R to solve numerical problems, calculate the cost of energy when given the cost per kWh, distinguish between D.C and A.C, Uses of Circuit Components, identify circuit components and describe their uses, describe the use of electrical measuring devices like galvanometer, ammeter and voltmeter, construct simple series and parallel circuits, explain the behaviour of light bulbs in series and parallel circuit such as, for celebration lights, Alternating Current (A.C), state the functions of live, neutral and earth wires in the domestic main supply, explain why domestic supplies are connected in parallel series, Safety Measures, describe hazards of electricity, (damage insulation, overheating of cables, damp condition) and explain the use of safety measures in household electricity (fuse, circuit breaker, earth wire). The Review Questions / Notes against this chapter are given below: