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Download Class 10th / Matric /SSC Physics Numericals, Ch#15-Electromagnetism

Dear Students,

In Ch#15-Electromagnetism, we will study about the electric current in a conductor produces a magnetic field around it, Force on a Current Carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field, describe that a force acts on a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field as long as the conductor is not parallel to the magnetic field, Turning Effect on a Current Carrying Coil in a Magnetic Field, describe that a current carrying coil in a magnetic field experiences a torque with the help of Fleming’s left hand rule; relate the turning effect on a coil to the action of a D.C. motor, Electromagnetic Induction, describe an experiment to show that a changing magnetic field can induce e.m.f. in a circuit, describe factors affecting the magnitude of an induced e.m.f, explain that the direction of an induced e.m.f opposes the change causing it and relate this phenomenon to conservation of energy, A.C Generator, describe a simple form of A.C generator, Mutual Induction, describe mutual induction and state its units, Transformer, explain that a transformer works on the principle of mutual induction between two coils and describe the purpose of transformers in A.C circuits. The Numerical Problems / Questions against this chapter are given below: