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Download Chemistry Notes FSc-I (Pre-Engineering) FBISE Ch#1-Stoichiometry

Dear Students and Respectable Parents / Teachers,

In the first chapter (Ch#1-Stoichiometry), the students will learn about the definition of moles and Avogadro’s number, definition of moles concept with the help of Avogadro’s number, calculation of number of moles of substances interpretation of a balanced chemical equation in terms of interacting moles, representative particles, masses and volume of gases at STP (22.4 L), Mole Calculation, calculation of mole ratios from a balanced equation for use as conversion factors in stoichiometric problems, Formulae and Percentage Composition, calculating % (percentage) by mass of elements in compounds, deduce empirical and molecular formula of compounds, Excess and Limiting Reagent, deduce the limiting reagent in reactions, calculate maximum amount of product produced and amount of any unreacted excess reagent, knowing the limiting reagent in a reaction, Chemistry as a Quantitative Science, list down the significance of chemistry as quantitative science in daily life, distinguish between actual yield, percentage yield and theoretical yield, calculation of percentage yield of a product in a given reaction.