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Download Ch#10-Simple Harmonic Motion (Long Notes) Physics Class 10th FBISE

Dear Students,

In Ch#10-Simple Harmonic Motion, we will study about the state the conditions necessary for an object to oscillate with SHM, SHM with simple pendulum, ball and bowl examples, forces acting on a displaced pendulum, solve problems by using the formula T = 2π g l for simple pendulum, explanation of that damping progressively reduces the amplitude of oscillation, describe wave motion as illustrated by vibrations in rope, slinky spring and by experiments with water waves, describe that waves are means of energy transfer without transfer of matter, distinguish between mechanical and electromagnetic waves, identify transverse and longitudinal waves in mechanical media, describe properties of waves such as reflection, refraction and diffraction with the help of ripple tank, define the terms speed (v), frequency (f), wavelength (λ), time period (T), amplitude, crest, trough, cycle, wave front, compression and rarefaction, derive equation V=f λ and solution of problems by applying the relation f = 1/T and V= f λ. You can view / download the Long Notes of this chapter below: