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Download Biology Notes F.Sc 1st Year FBISE Ch#4 – Bioenergetics (Review Notes)

Dear Students, Respectable Teachers / Parents,

In 4th chapter (Ch#4 Bioenergetics) of Biology intermediate course the students you will learn about the Role of ATP, definition of bioenergetics, describe the role of ATP as currency of energy in metabolism, Photosynthesis, define photosynthesis and state its reactants and products, explain the role of chlorophyll and other photosynthetic pigments, light, carbon dioxide and water in photosynthesis, describe the main events of light dependent reactions (energy conversion, formation of ATP and NADPH), compare cyclic and non-cyclic phosphorylation in light dependent reactions, describe the three phases of light independent (dark) reactions, Respiration, define respiration, cellular respiration, oxidative phosphorylation, aerobic respiration and fermentation, distinguish between alcoholic and lactic acid fermentation, state the role of mitochondria in respiration, describe different stages of cellular respiration, describe the reactions of glycolysis, explain the pyruvic acid oxidation (formation of acetyl CoA), explain the reactions of Kerb’s cycle (citric acid cycle) and explain respiratory chain.