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Download 1st Year ICS Computer Notes Ch#1 – Basics of Information Technology

Dear Students,

Basics of Information Technology is the first chapter that has been added in the syllabus of Computer Science ICS-I (Intermediate Part-1). Today, Computer Science is widely used in almost 99% of the organizations and its importance cannot be neglected today. After the introduction of Computers, the business world changed forever. Almost 99% of the businesses today use Information Technology to ensure their departments run smoothly. Information Technology is widely used today in the core departments of all the organizations like Human Resources (HR) / Personnel, Finance, Budget and Security. In this chapter students will learn about Hardware and software, Input and output devices {I/O processors, keyboard, mouse, character-recognition microphone, camera, scanners, LDC, CRT, printers (character, dot matrix, Daisy wheel, line, chain, drum, laser jet, impact and non-impact) plotters (flatbed, drum) memory (units, capacity, address, memory operation, access methods, definition of stated dynamic memory)}, Operating system and computer programs, Basic units of data storage, storage and memory and Steps of software systems development.