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Download 10th Class Physics Notes (MCQs, Short & Long Questions, Exercise, Conceptual, Numericals)

Dear Students,

Today, I am going to upload Physics Notes (MCQs, Short & Long Questions, Exercise MCQs, Conceptual Questions and Numerical Problems) for class 10th according to the new syllabus of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad. The Aims of physics at secondary level are to enable students to develop among the students the habit of scientific and rational thinking and an attitude to search for order and symmetry in diverse phenomena of nature and thereby to appreciate the supreme wisdom and creative powers of the creator. Become life long learner, effective problem solver, responsible and productive citizens in a technological world. Strengthen the concepts developed at the secondary level to lay firm foundation for further learning of physics at the tertiary level, in engineering or in other physics dependent and vocational courses. Develop process skills and experimental observational, manipulative, decision making and investigatory skills in the students. Understand and interpret scientific information presented in verbal, mathematical or graphical form and to translate such information from one from to another. Understanding and appreciate the inter relationship and balance that exists in nature the problems associated with the over exploitation of the environmental resources and disturbance because of the human activities I the ecological balance, thus taking care of the environment. These notes are distributed in 7 categories, you can select your desired category to view / download notes.

Select you desired Chapter to view or download notes from the list given below:

Ch#10 Simple Harmonic Motion VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch#12 Geometrical Optics VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch#13 Electrostatics VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch#14 Current Electricity VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch#15 Electromagnetism VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch#16 Introductory Electronics VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch#17 Information and Communication Technology VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Ch#18 Radioactivity VIEW / DOWNLOAD