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Dear Students,
This Section has finally been prepared after a great demand from the Students and Teachers of Secondary School i.e. Class 9th & 10th. In this Section, we have uploaded all the Chapters of Class 9th (SSC-I) according to the Syllabus of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad. There is a choice for SSC / 9th Class (Science Group) Students to choose a subject between Computer Science and Biology. Computer Science is an interesting subject and is chosen by the students who want to do something in the field of Information Technology. In first part of SSC-I, students will learn the basic concepts about Computer Science i.e. its definition, input / output devices and some basic concepts of Computer Networking and Computer Hardware. Whereas, Biology is mandatory for the students who want to be a doctor in future or wanted to study Pre-Medical in Intermediate. This Section will really help the students of Computer Science 9th / SSC in scoring good marks in their exams.

computer science notes class 9th ssc-I

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Chapter # 1 Introduction to Computers VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 2 Computer Components VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 3 Input / Output Devices VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 4 Storage Devices VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 7 Computer Software VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 8 Introduction to Windows VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Chapter # 15 Word Processing VIEW / DOWNLOAD