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Computer Science ICS-I Download Notes in PDF Ch#12 – Practical

Dear Students,

Practical is the Twelfth and final chapter that has been added in the syllabus of Computer Science ICS-I (Intermediate Part-1). Today, Computer Science is widely used in almost 99% of the organizations and its importance cannot be neglected today. After the introduction of Computers, the business world changed forever. Almost 99% of the businesses today use Information Technology to ensure their departments run smoothly. Information Technology is widely used today in the core departments of all the organizations like Human Resources (HR) / Personnel, Finance, Budget and Security. In this chapter the students will learn about the Use of Start Menu; Manage Program Group & Document Group; How to access Search Group; Customize the Desktop, Use of Windows Help, Use of Windows Accessories: Word Pad; Calculator; Paint, Managing files and folders using My Computer; Managing files and folders using Windows Explorer; Managing Recycle Bin Operations, Installation of given printer driver; Setting up different properties of printer; Managing the ques of printing jobs, Open and save files in specified path or New Folder, Selection of text by different methods and applying different operations, Copying, Moving (by Clipboard and Drag & Drop methods) Deletion, Formatting text (Bold, Underline, Font, Colour etc), Use of Undo and Redo, Use of Text Alignment, Indenting and managing space. Also use of Bullets and     Numbering, Use of Page Setup including Page Margin, Size, Paper Source and Layout, Skills of Printer Settings, Use of Tables and Columns, Use of Spell Check Grammar and Thesaurus, Use of shortcuts, Inserting & Deleting Cells, Rows and Columns, Managing Worksheets, Formatting and Customizing Data, Use of Formulas and functions (formatting numbers, decimal places, column & rows setup etc), Drawing of different types of charts, Use of Page Setup and Printing Configurations, Use of shortcuts, Send/receive email to single user, multiple users, Attach/Detach files with mail, Browsing Internet, Use of Shortcuts and Proper use of search engines.