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Class 9th Pakistan Studies Notes in English 2016-17 New Course (FBISE)

Dear Students,

9th Class Pakistan Studies is a compulsory subject and has been included this year by Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad. The main aims and objectives of Pakistan Studies are to inculcate a sense of gratitude to Almighty Allah for blessing us with an independent and sovereign state. Underscore the importance of national integration, cohesion and patriotism. Encourage traits of observation, creativity, analysis and reflection in students. Promote an understanding of the ideology of Pakistan, the Muslim struggle for independence and endeavors for establishing a modern welfare Islamic state. Acquaint the students with various phases of Pakistan’s historical, political and constitutional developments. Inculcate awareness about the multi-cultural heritage of Pakistan so as to enable the students to better appreciate the socio-cultural diversity of Pakistan society and get used to idea of unity in diversity in our national context. Enhance understanding of the physical features and human resources of Pakistan. Impart awareness about various aspects of socio-economic activities at national level and the role played by Pakistanis in the development of their society. Highlight Pakistan’s strategic position in international politics, especially its relations with neighboring and Muslim countries and Lay emphasis on the rights and obligations of the citizens of an independent and sovereign state.

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9th Pakistan Studies Notes

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Chapter # 1 Ideological basis of Pakistan View / Download
Chapter # 2 Making of Pakistan View / Download
Chapter # 3 Land and Environment View / Download
Chapter # 4 History of Pakistan (Part-1) View / Download
Maps Identification on the Maps View / Download

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