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Chemistry Notes PDF FSc-I (Pre-Engineering) New Course FBISE Ch#2-Atomic Structure

Dear Students and Respectable Parents / Teachers,

In the second chapter (Ch#2-Atomic Structure), the students will learn about the construction, working of discharge tube and also its consequences with reference to the discovery of electron and proton, summarize Bohr’s atomic theory, calculation of the radius and energy of revolving electrons in orbits using the concept of Bohr’s model, explanation of spectral line of hydrogen atom, calculation of wave numbers of photons of various spectral series by using the concept of Bohr’s theory, discussion of the defects of Bohr’s atomic model, explanation of the relation between energy, frequency and wave length using Plank’s theory, describe Moseley’s experiment with reference to X-rays, state Moseley’s law and its significance, explain the production, properties and types of X-rays, list the uses of X-rays, describe the concepts of orbital on the basis of uncertainty principle, compare orbit and orbital, apply the concept of quantum number to specify the position and distribution of electrons, explain the dual nature of electron with reference to de-Broglie equation, state the rules of electronic configuration (Aufbau, Hund’s, and Pauli’s exclusion) and showing correct electronic configuration of elements based on above rules.