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Chemistry Notes FSc Pre-Engineering 2016-17 New Course FBISE, Ch#9-Chemical Kinetics

In Ninth chapter (Ch#9-Chemical Kinetics), the students will learn about the chemical kinetics, the relation of “speed-of-reaction” with time, rate of reaction, rate equation, order of reactions, rate constant and rate determining step, the significance of the rate determining step on the overall rate of a multistep reaction, determination of the rate law for the given reaction, deduce the order of reaction using the method of initial rate, relation of activation energy and activated complex to the rate of reaction, calculation of the initial rate using concentration data of given reactions, draw an energy diagram that represents the activation energy and show the effect of catalyst, the effect of concentration, temperature and surface area on reaction rate by using collision theory, explanation of working process of a homogeneous and a heterogeneous catalyst, the effect of catalyst on the rate of reaction, the significance of enzymes in daily life (such as biological catalysts or in removing stains from fabrics).