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Chemistry Notes FSc Pre-Engineering 1 Download PDF 2016-17 New Course FBISE Ch#7-Chemical Equilibrium

In seventh chapter (Ch#7-Chemical Equilibrium), the students will learn about reversible reaction, equilibrium reaction, determination of equilibrium expression for different given reactions, relate equilibrium expressions to concentration, partial pressure, number of moles and mole fraction, determination of expression for reaction quotient, state Le-Chatelier’s principle, explanation of the conditions favourable for equilibrium (concentration, temperature, pressure, catalyst) to focus the high yield of industrial products, recognition of the equilibrium state from the given value of Kc, relation of the equilibrium constant with ratio between concentration of products and reactants, apply Le-Chatelier’s principle in different situations, discussion of the effect of catalyst, temperature, pressure, volume and concentration on the equilibrium state of given reversible reactions; define solubility product, distinguish between solubility and solubility product, explanation of some substances are more soluble and some are less soluble, calculation of concentration of ions of slightly soluble salts, definition of common ion effect, discussion of common ion effect and its application.