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Ch#9–Download Free Notes Class 11th/FSC-I/ICS Mathematics (FBISE Islamabad) and Other Boards in shape of Video Lectures in Urdu Language

Dear Students,

Today, almost 90% of our students have joined different Academies for learning purpose. Some of them hired tutors and are charging high fee. We realize the factor and are very well aware that it is very much difficult for the parents to afford the high fee of different Academies / Tutors. We also concluded that the Academies are not providing good teaching services to the students but charging high fee from students. After realizing the factors we have uploaded the videos prepared by SABAQ foundation on our website which will really beneficial for the students as well as the people who are serving as teachers of different subjects in different institutions.

From this section you can download / view Video Lectures on Mathematics Class 11th / F.Sc / ICS Part-I for free. These Videos for F.Sc students have been prepared by SABAK Foundation for the ease of students as per new and updated syllabus/course prescribed by Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (FBISE), Islamabad – Pakistan and other BISE(s)/Boards of Pakistan. We are fully hopeful that after after watching/viewing these Video Lectures you will score 90% plus marks in your exams as they have been prepared in a very simple, easy, brief and in simple and lucid language to understand. The purpose of sharing these videos is to promote education in Pakistan and to help those students who really want to learn something. These videos are enough for learning purpose, and after watching these video lectures you will come to know that you are no more in need of any kind of tuition or Academy.

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Please select the desired subject to download / watch the video from the links given below:

Chapter 9: Fundamentals of Trigonometry (21 videos)

9.1: Introduction

  1. Meaning and Importance of Trigonometry

9.2: Units of Measures of Angles

  1. Introduction to an Angle
  2. Measuring an Angle in Sexagesimal System
  3. Sexagesimal System into Decimal form & Vice Versa
  4. Radian Measure of an Angle

9.3: Relation Between the Length of an Arc of a Circle and the Circular Measure of it

  1. Relationship of Radius-Central Angle-Arc Length
  2. Area of a Circular Sector
  3. Relationship Between Radians & Degrees

9.4: General Angle ( Coterminal Angles )

  1. General Angles

9.5: Angle in the Standard Position

  1. Angle in Standard Position
  2. The Quadrants & Quadrantal Angles

9.6: Trigonometric Functions

  1. Trigonometric Ratios of an Acute Angle
  2. Trigonometric Ratios of an Complementary Angles

9.7: Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle

  1. Trigonometric Ratios & Their Reciprocals

9.8: Fundamental Identities

  1. Proof of Fundamental Trigonometric Identity
  2. More on Fundamental Trigonometric Identity

9.9: Signs of the Trigonometric Functions

  1. Signs of Trigonometric Ratios in Different Quadrants

9.10: The Values of Trigonometric Functions of Acute Angles 45,30 and 60 Degrees

  1. Trigonometric ratios of 45 degree
  2. Trigonometric ratios of 30 degree and 60 degree

9.11: The Values of the Trigonometric Functions of Angles 0, 90, 180, 270, 360 Degrees

  1. Values of Trigonometric Ratios at Quadrantal Angle

9.12: Domains of Trigonometric Functions and of Fundamental Identities

  1. Domain and Ranges of Trigonometric Functions and Fundamental Identity