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Ch#4 – History of Pakistan (Part-I), 9th (IX) Class Pak Studies Notes (English) New Course FBISE

Dear Students, Respectable Teachers and Parents,

In 9th Class Pakistan Studies, the 4th Chapter is History of Pakistan (Part-I). In this chapter the students will learn about the Accession of states and Tribal areas to Pakistan, salient features of constitution of 1956, Causes of Martial Law Ayub Khan 1958, effects and results of Elections 1965, causes of Indo-Pak war 1965, achievements and status of 3rd five year plan, Yahya Khan Regime 1969-71, result of Elections 1970, Separation of East Bengal and Emergence of Bangladesh, First constitution Assembly of Pakistan, Land reforms introduced by Ayub Khan, Islamic provisions of the Constitution of 1956, targets of 2nd five year development plan, role of Pakistan Navy in the war of 1965, Muslim family law ordinance 1961 promulgated by Ayub Khan, causes of the war 1965,  points for the future policies described in the Legal Framework Order, Union Council and Union Committee, Abrogation of Constitution of 1956, Single Citizenship, Formation of Malakand division, Economic development, Early problems of Pakistan, Pakistan Objective Resolution 1949, Salient features of the constitution of 1962, Causes of Separation of East Bengal, Role of Quaid e Azam as first Governor General of Pakistan, steps of Basic Democracies System and Role of Liaqat Ali Khan as first Prime Minister of Pakistan.

This Chapter has been divided in five parts. Select your desired part from the list given below:


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