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Ch#3 “Enzymes” Download 1st Year New Course Biology Notes (FBISE)

Dear Students,

“Enzymes” is the 3rd Chapter in the new course of Biology for intermediate premedical students. In this chapter the students will learn about the definition of enzyme, apoenzyme, cofactor, prosthetic group, co-enzyme and holoenzyme;describe the characteristics of enzymes; explain the mechanism of enzyme action through induced fit model comparing it with lock and key model; show with the help of a diagram how an enzyme catalyzes specific reactions; describe energy of activation and explain through graph how an enzyme speeds up a chemical reaction by lowering the energy of activation; explain different factors affecting the rate of enzyme action (through a graph); compare the optimum temperature of human body enzymes and thermophilic bacteria; compare the optimum pH of different enzymes like trypsin, pepsin; compare inhibitor and activator and highlight their significance; categorize inhibitors into competitive and non-competitive inhibitors; explain feedback inhibition; identify different enzymes on the basis of reactions they catalyze and nature of substrate