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Ch#2-Class 9th/Matric/SSC-I Physics Notes Free Download (FBISE Islamabad) and Other Boards in shape of Video Lectures in Urdu Language

Chapter 2: Kinematics (31 videos)

2.1: Rest Motion and its Types

  1. Introduction to Mechanics
  2. Rest and Motion

2.2: Types of Motion

  1. Translatory Motion
  2. Rotatory Motion
  3. Vibratory Motion

2.3: Scalars and Vectors

  1. Scalars and Vectors
  2. Representation of vectors
  3. problem on Representation of Vectors

2.4: Terms Associated with Motion

  1. Position of an Object
  2. Difference between Distance and Displacement
  3. Introduction to velocity
  4. Introduction to speed
  5. Problem on Introduction to Velocity
  6. Problem on Introduction to Speed
  7. Difference between Uniform Speed and Uniform Velocity
  8. Introduction to Acceleration
  9. Difference between Speed and velocity
  10. Problem on Introduction to Acceleration

2.5: Graphical Analysis of Motion

  1. Graphical Analysis of Motion
  2. Speed-time Graph
  3. Problem 1 on Distance – Time Graph
  4. The Displacement-Time Graph
  5. Problem on Speed-Time Graph

2.6: Equations of Motion

  1. First Equation of Motion
  2. Second Equation of Motion
  3. Problem 1 on First Equation of Motion
  4. Third Equation of Motion
  5. Problem 1 on Second Equation of Motion
  6. Problem on Third Equation of Motion

2.7: Motion of Freely Falling Bodies

  1. Motion of Freely Falling Bodies
  2. Problem on Motion of Freely Falling Bodies