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Ch#12-Electrochemistry, FSc-1 Pre-Engineering Notes Chemistry 2016-17 New Course FBISE

In Twelth chapter (Ch#12-Electrochemistry), the students will learn about the terms, reduction, oxidation, oxidation number, reducing agent and oxidizing agent, determination of oxidation number of an atom in pure substance or in a compound, determination of reducing and oxidizing agent by using oxidation –number change method, balance the equation using oxidation number method, recognise oxidation and reduction half reaction, balance the equation using half reaction method, explanation of the uses of redox reactions in daily life (protection of metal surfaces from corrosion and other harmful agents, solar cells as a source of energy), perform oxidation-reduction titrations and related calculations, cathode, anode, electrode potential, Standard Hydrogen Electrode (S.H.E.) and electrochemical series; define cell potential, determination of the potential of electrochemical cell from the given data, describe reactions occurring within lead storage batteries, explanation of production of electrical energy in a fuel cell, standard electrode potential, state and explain Faraday’s first and second law, calculation of the quantity of charge passed in an electrochemical cell during electrolysis and calculation of the mass or volume of substance liberated during electrolysis.