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Ch#11-Thermochemistry, FSc Pre-Engineering Notes Chemistry 2016-17 New Course FBISE

In Eleventh chapter (Ch#11-Thermochemistry), the students will learn about thermodynamics, the terms, system, surrounding, state function, heat, internal energy, work and enthalpy, state and explain the first law of thermodynamics with the help of daily life examples, relate change in internal energy of system with thermal energy at constant volume and pressure, calculation of internal energy and work done of a system by applying the first law of thermodynamics, state and explain Hess’s law of heat summation, construction of simple energy cycles by using Hess’s law for any given reactions, calculation of standard heat of formation and heat of reaction by using Hess’s law, explanation of working of a calorimeter (glass and bomb calorimeter), calculation of the heat of reaction in a calorimeter from the given experimental data, explanation of reaction pathway diagram in terms of enthalpy changes of the reactions (of ionic compounds) using Born-Haber’s cycle, calculation of lattice energy and enthalpy of formation of ionic compounds from given set of appropriate data and heat capacity, specific heat capacity and molar heat capacity.