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Biology Notes FSc-I XI FBISE 2016-17 – Ch#1 Cell Structure and Functions (Short Notes)

Dear Students,

In first chapter (Ch# 1 – Cell Structure and Functions) of biology intermediate F.Sc – I (XI), you will learn major fields of specialization in Biology i.e. recognize the significance of major fields of specialization in biology (molecular biology, environmental biology, microbiofirstlogy, fresh water biology, marine biology, parasitology, human biology, social biology, biotechnology), Levels of Biological Organization, different levels of biological organization from subatomic particles to biosphere, Biological Method, comparison of deductive and inductive reasoning, recall hypothesis, theory and scientific law, Services of Biology to Mankind, an account of the services of biology to mankind (disease control such as preventive measures, vaccination, drug treatment etc), Protection and Conservation of Environment and  factors affecting environment and different ways of their remediation. In this post, I am publishing the Short notes and are available for download below: