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I am known with the name “Sajid ur Rehman” from the day when I was born on October 10, 1985 in Islamabad. I am basically from Karak (KPK). I have completed my Master Degree in 2010. The field of Computer / IT is my passion. My interests include:

  • Reading Islamic Books;
  • Web Surfing;
  • Web Development
  • Cricket; and
  • Social Media.

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) is my favorite personality and my favorite book is Quran. I hate following others in general, when asked where I get my ideas, I can’t say anything but give all glory to Almighty Allah.


The aim of my life is to promote education by sharing my knowledge with every individual around the world because Education supplies instruments by which we can realize our social goals. My objective is to bring a major change in the education system of Pakistan by implementing innovative ideas and ideals. I would also like to interact with lots of people, and work as a self-motivated person for planning better  procedures and practices.


I am really grateful to Almighty Allah, who gives me an opportunity to spread my knowledge with the help of this website / blog. I request you all to share this website with every individual you know if you ever found it helpful.

It is also requested from all of you to Contact Me on my mobile / Viber / WhatsApp / Skype / Email or any other mean, if you ever found any mistake in the entire website. You can also suggest me for the betterment of my Website. I will always welcome and appreciate your suggestions.

Finally, Don’t forget to remember me in your prayers.

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