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A Man Eaten Alive by an Anaconda (A real Video)

Discovery Channel has been pushing a special Advertisement over the Television called “Eaten Alive” over the last month, and it finally on aired on December 7, 2014. The special features of the program was a 27-year-old naturalist Paul Rosolie, who wore a “snake proof suit” and planned to be eaten alive and getting swallowed by a 20-foot-long anaconda in a live television show.

Usually, Anacondas of this size can eat easily large mammals like jaguars, deer, and pigs, so swallowing a human is not a big task / problem for such an Anaconda. Though Discovery went through great lengths to design a suit that would protect humans from snake’s fangs, compression, and stomach acid. But this time they appeared to overlook one tiny detail: Rosolie didn’t look at all like something a giant anaconda might want to eat. Indeed, when the crew finally found the chosen snake, it really wasn’t interested in trying to eat a human dressed up like the Tinman.

In fact, when Rosolie first made contact with the snake, it was afraid and tried to escape. What to do when you’ve hyped up a show this much and the star isn’t interested? Rather than making the decision to call the whole thing off, Rosolie decided to provoke the animal instead. Only then did the snake attack, biting and squeezing the armored intruder. However, it appears that Rosolie wasn’t quite prepared for the reality of being constricted by an anaconda, and called in the crew to rescue him.

Didn’t catch it yet? Save yourself two hours and see the anti-climactic end right below:

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