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9th (IX) Class Pak Studies Review Notes (English) New Course FBISE – Land and Environment,

Dear Students, Respectable Teachers and Parents,

In 9th Class Pakistan Studies, the 2nd Chapter is Making of Pakistan. In this chapter the students will learn about the area and location of Pakistan, importance of location of Pakistan, physical features of Pakistan, Rain-fall condition in Pakistan, climate effects on Northern and North-Western areas of Pakistan, climate of Desert Areas in Pakistan, climate of Balochistan plateau, Glaciers and Drainage System, significance of major forests, importance of forests in plain areas,  significance of Desert in Punjab, Desert in Sindh, Thai, the second desert of Pakistan, “Kharan” the third desert of Pakistan, importance of Coastal region of Pakistan, Humid mountain region, Semi Humid mountain region, significance of dry and semi dry mountain region, reasons of decreasing forests, Tochi and Gomal Pass, Types of environmental pollution, hazards to our environment, steps taken by the Government to decrease industrial pollution, famous peak in the greater Himalayan range, natural regions of Pakistan, importance of Afghanistan and countries of Central Asia of Pakistan, climate regions in Pakistan, Sub-Tropical Continental Highland, Sub-Tropical Continental Plateau, Sub-Tropical Continental Lowland, Affect of climate on human life, importance of plain region of Pakistan, wildlife found in Pakistan and threats to it, environmental hazards to Pakistan, Temperature regions, Pakistan is divided and hurdles in protecting water, vegetation and wild life.