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23 Food Items declared HARAM by MO Science Technology

List of 23 Food Items declared HARAM by M/O Science & Technology
List of 23 Food Items declared HARAM by M/O Science & Technology

Ministry of Science and Technology, Pakistan has declared 23 food items as Haraam (Forbidden). A video of Sar-e-Aam (TV Show of ARY ) regarding the same has also been shared here. The detailed list of those 23 items that were declared haram by M/O Science and Technology is also shared below. Please be aware and boycott these products as they are not only harmful for our health but also harmful for our faith. Please spread this message to all of your friends, colleagues, family members and everyone you know because its Sadiqa e Jaria.  These products are declared haram because it contains haram (forbidden) ingredients. Please watch the video first and then the list of those haram items are given right below the video.

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List of Food Products which are declared as Haraam by Ministry of Science and Technology Pakistan

Name of Product

Made in

Bar Code

 1 Bubblicious UK 5034660508045
2 Ragu UK 51180058
3 Pascual Yogi Kids Spain 8410128111618
4 Chupa Bubble Holland 4602606003568
5 Rice Chicken Broccoli USA 04100002263
6 Jell-O USA 04300020135
7 Pasta Chicken Broccoli USA 04100002297
8 Chicken Tonight Holland 5000118017360
9 Skittles UK 50159338
10 Skittles Fruits Jar UK 4009900461764
11 Picnic Chicken USA 053400345929
12 Skittles Fruit 15p UK 5000159421416
13 Chicken Soup France 8712566248186
14 SliMa Soup UK 5000175413079
15 Yupi Fruit Cocktails Indonesia 8992741904049
16 Cup a Soup UK 5000175413020
17 Gummi Pizza Indonesia 8992741945271
18 Yupi Footballs Indonesia 8992741945271
19 Heinz Dinner Chicken England 5000218005625
20 Strawberry Leaf Indonesia 8992741904551
21 Pop Tarts USA 038000318108
22 Tulip Chicken Denmark 5762385085038
23 Pasta Creamy Chicken USA 04100002298