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Computer Science MCQs 1st Year Chapter#8-Database Development FBISE (New Course)

Dear Students, Respectable Teachers and Parents,

In the revised course of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad, the eighth chapter is “Database Fundamentals”. In this chapter we will study in detail about Database development, types of database management system, OpenOffice Base, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Database Objects provided by MS Access e.g. Table, Form, Query and Report, Microsoft Access Window, Ribbon Tab of MS Access, MS Office Button, Quick Access Toolbar, Access Navigation Pan, Procedure to start MS Access, creating blank database in Microsoft Access, Types of Databases available in MS Access i.e. Text, Memo, Number, AutoNumber, Yes/No, Currency and Date / Time, procedure to create and save a table in MS Access, procedure to assign primary key in a table, procedure to edit the structure of table in MS Access, Adding a field in Design View, Deleting field, Navigate through the records in a table, methods to add records in the table, editing records in the table, methods to delete records from the table, Relationship, steps for creating relationships between the tables, steps to edit an existing relationship, referential integrity, Referential Integrity, Cascade update and cascade delete options in MS Access, Query, Uses of Query, Types of Queries, Procedure to create query using Query Wizard, Procedure to create Select query using Query Design, Make-Table Query, Procedure to create Make-Table Query, Update Query, procedure to create update query, Delete Query, procedure to create Delete Query, Append Query, Procedure to create append Query, Forms, Advantages of using forms, Columnar, Tabular, Datasheet and justified layout of forms in MS Access, Procedure to create form, procedure of navigation buttons used to navigate through records displayed in form, how records can be added and deleted using forms, subform, procedure of creating subforms, procedure for creating a form and subform at once, reports, uses of reports, types of reports, columnar reports, tabular reports, difference between form and report, procedure to create report using report wizard. MCQs from this chapter are extracted and are discussed in detail in the pdf file given below: