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How to take care of Battery?

A lot of people all over the world didn’t care of their laptop’s battery. As a result the backup time of the battery reduced from hours to minutes. If you charged your laptop’s battery fully and then use it then the battery will remain in good condition. Majority of people or we can say that 99.75% people around the world don’t know about the secret that after the completion of 30 cycles of Charging of a laptop battery, it need to be discharged completely. To discharge your laptop’s battery, use your laptop without plugging it into the electricity until the battery finishes and laptop switched off. Now, don’t use your system for 5 hours minimum. Afterwards, charge your laptop’s battery, while charging, you can use your laptop. By using this technique, your battery will be discharged and its life will increased 100%.

How to take care of Battery?

If you love your Battery, and want to take care of it, then don’t forget to install “BatteryCare” software, which can be download from the below download button free of cost. This software choose the best ever plan itself and monitors the temperature of the CPU. This software tells you, not to charge your battery if the charging limit reached. It will also tell you that how many times the battery of your laptop has been charged and for how many times it need to be discharged. I hope this application will help you a lot and you will love it. To download BatteryCare Software, please click the download button below:

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How to take care of Battery?


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