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Second Year Pak. Studies Notes (Enlgish) Ch#2-Initial Problems of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Dear Students,

In Ch#2-Initial Problems of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we will study about the intieal problems of Pakistan i.e. Red Cliff Award – Its injustices, Administrative problems, Influx of Refugees, Division of Assets, Division of Armed Forces and Assets, Water/Canal Dispute, Accession of princely states (Junagarh, Manawdar, Kashmir, Hyderabad Daccan), What actions were taken to resolve the problems? and National Solidarity and stability. The vision of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah about Pakistan, Settlement of Refugees, Advice to Govt officials for national service, Provincialism, parochialism, Guiding principles for the economy of Pakistan, Guiding principles of Foreign Policy, Advice to the students to concentrate on education. Ways and means to resolve problems i.e. Leadership qualities, Negotiations, premises, concessions, discussions, Faith, Unity and Discipline. The objectives of this chapter are to know about the salient aspects of partition. To appreciate the leadership and guidance provided by Quaid-i-Azam and to appreciate the sufferings and scarifies made by the people of Pakistan.


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