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Download Physics Numericals Class 10th / Matric / SSC-II, FBISE 2016-17 Ch#16-Introductory Electronics

Dear Students,

In Ch#16-Introductory Electornics, we will study about the the process of thermionic emission emitted from a filament, Electron Gun and Cathode Rays, describe the simple construction and use of an electron gun as a source of electron beam, Deflection of Electron by Electric Field, describe the effect of electric field on an electron beam, Deflection of Electron by Magnetic Field, describe the effect of magnetic field on an electron beam, describe the basic principle of CRO and make a list of its uses, Introduction to Electronics, differentiate between analogue and digital electronics, describe that digital signals can carry more information, Analogue and Digital Electronics, state the basic operations of digital electronics, Logic Gates, identify and draw the symbols for the logic gates, (NOT, OR, AND, NOR and NAND), state the action of the logic gates in truth table form with two inputs and describe the simple uses of logic gates.

No Numerical Problem in this Chapter


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